Nordea Group

Nordea is a Nordic bank with a presence in 20 countries, including its four Nordic home markets: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Combined, the economies of these four Nordic countries represent the world's 10th largest economy.
Supporter since 2016

Statement of support

Magdalena Kettis, Active Ownership Director at Nordea Asset Management
Nordea Asset Management is committed to being a responsible investor. We believe that ensuring good business practices is an important part of safeguarding the long-term interests of shareholders and society. Beneficial ownership transparency enhances due diligence and improves visibility of the risks associated with certain projects.

Engagement with the EITI

Nordea is a signatory to the EITI Statement of Support from financial and lending institutions, reflecting its support for good governance and transparency in the extractives sector. Nordea considers that wealth from natural resources can lead to economic growth and social development in a country. However, failing to disclose information about wealth and payments and revenue flows between the corporate sector and governments can increase the risk of distrust, weak governance and conflict.

Nordea recognises that extractive companies are particularly exposed to risks from operating in environments with poor governance standards, transparency and corruption. This is a business risk and a risk for Nordea as investors in these markets and companies. To promote better standards, accountability and disclosure around the extractives industry sector and management of natural resources, Nordea is an active member of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

Statement of support for the EITI on Nordea's website