Total S.A.

Total S.A. is a French, multinational, integrated oil and gas company and one of the six largest oil companies in the world. The company operates along the entire energy value chain, from exploration and production to power generation, transportation, refining, petroleum product marketing and international crude oil and product trading.
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Statement of support

The EITI has the advantage of being a voluntary, win-win initiative. For companies, a transparent approach should facilitate the emergence of stable economic and political conditions, guaranteeing the sustainability of their investments. This process contributes to improved relationships with our shareholders and greater confidence in the markets. It also allows for better risk management and relationships with local communities.

Engagement with the EITI

Total operates in over 130 countries spanning five continents: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and North & South America, and the company is present in most EITI implementing countries. Total believes that efforts to promote the principle of transparency must respect the sovereignty of host countries because sustainable progress cannot be achieved without the voluntary commitment of governments. Together with the EITI Secretariat, the company works to promote and put into practice EITI Principles in host countries by:

  • Fostering dialogue between Total's managers and representatives from the government, civil society and the national EITI.
  • Actively participating in EITI’s work, conferences and activities through being a member of the international EITI Board.
  • Promoting the implementation of the EITI Standard in its countries of operation and whenever the company has the opportunity. 
  • Sharing resources and recommendations based on its knowledge and experience.
  • Promoting the implementation of the EITI process in all of the countries where it operates. 

Strengthening Transparency

In 2015, Total disclosed the full list of its 903 consolidated entities. Patrick Pouyanné, Chief Executive Officer at Total explained:

“For a Group as large as Total, which operates in 130 countries, it is quite natural to have numerous entities around the world. Their diversity reflects the variety of our operations. We felt it would be useful to give everyone access to a full list of our entities, with their country of incorporation and country of operation, to ensure that there were no misunderstandings due to partial disclosure."

Read more about Total’s disclosure policy on Total’s website.

EITI and Total joined forces to promote transparency at the 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference

EITI and Total came together to promote transparency at the 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) held in Copenhagen in October 2018. Here, the previous EITI Chair Fredrik Reinfeldt and Total CEO Patrick Pouyanné talked about the importance of multinational corporations championing transparency and openness in the extractive industries, from fiscal transparency to contract disclosure.

Read more about Total's contract transparency policy on EITI’s website.

Statement of support for the EITI on Total’s website

EITI Board member

Г-н Эрик Нюрнберг

Manager Legal, Statoil ASA, Norway